Meghan A. Juretic, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


These days, people find themselves juggling an enormous number of roles, responsibilities, and expectations.  It is understandable that, at times, this can result in feelings of burnout, overwhelm, worry, or despair.  Psychotherapy is a beneficial and effective method for gaining new understanding and skills to cope with stressors and the resulting feelings of depression and worry. 

Dr. Meghan Juretic is a counseling psychologist located in Kirkland who utilizes a positive, interactive style of therapy to support and guide you toward new insights and skills.  Dr. Juretic will assist you in building on your own strengths to improve coping and to create lasting change. 

Using a collaborative approach, Dr. Juretic can help you to:

  • Gain effective skills for dealing with situations and people
  • Feel more confident in your ability to handle stressors and demands
  • Learn techniques for reducing the pain and physical symptoms of stress 
  • Acquire skills for strengthening relationships that are important to you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own emotions and behavior
  • Find more satisfaction and fulfillment in your everyday life

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